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I want to thank you for your interest in family child care and all child care concerns. My goal for this page is to help parents, child care professionals, and caregivers to learn more about how to nurture each child's development using developmentally appropriate activities. This page will also guide you to resources I have found over the internet which have helped me a great deal as a child care professional and a parent.

  I have been a professional child care provider since 1993. I have completed my studies for the Child Development Associate and now teach the CDA credential to others in our community through NORWESCAP Child and Family Resource Services and Sussex County Community College.  I enjoy teaching other professionals and sharing with them to promote high quality child care. 

 Child Care has been a rewarding experience in my life. Everyday is an adventure and every child gives you a new way to look at life. I wish everyone had the opportunity to love life the way that children do. Watch the excitement that comes out of a child when the child reaches a new goal. These are my favorite moments when I know how good they feel about themselves.

Sussex County Family Child Care Providers Association

   The main goal of our chapter is to network with providers in the area to exchange ideas concerning business management, parent communication, local laws, upcoming workshops and conferences in the area.


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Favorite Quotes:

Every oak tree started as a couple of nuts who decided to stand their ground.
- Anonymous

Happy hearts, happy faces, happy play in grassy places.  That was how in ancient ages, children grew to kings and sages." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Links to Associations and other helpful pages:


NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)

NAFCC (National  Association Family Child Care)

Parent Soup

Emergency and First Aid

Communicable Disease Resources for the NY State Health Dept.

Talking about me - Activities for Toddlers

Using language to learn - Activities for Preschoolers



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