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Lake Silver Springs Beach Club
555 Rt. 46 - Box 168 Kenvil, NJ 07847
Established 1955

Faith Mittelstadt, Manager                          Phone (973) 927-0777     Cell (201) 230-2629

Agreement Between: LAKE SILVER SPRINGS (LSS)


Function _______________________________________________________________

Date and Time of Function ________________________________________________

Phone # _______________________ Cell or Fax# __________________________

Person to speak with __________________________________________________

1. The Customer making detailed arrangements guarantees L.S.S. a minimum of
# _______ people.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A CERTIFICATE of INSURANCE is needed for date of picnic. All outside venders, entertainers, clowns, magician, equipment, etc., must be retained through Lake Silver Springs. All outside venders are subject to a 10% use of premises fee. Venders or equipment not retained through Lake Silver Springs or venders that have not supplied Lake Silver Springs with proper insurance documentation will not be allowed on premises.    No exceptions.

CATERING PRICES (menu provided)

Catering to be provided by L.S.S. and GUARANTEED a minimum of __________ people at a price of __________ per person + 7% NJ sales tax ________


It is also agreed that at least TWENTY (20) days prior to function Customer shall notify L.S.S. in writing as to an increase in minimum guaranteed number. It is understood & agreed that there will be no credit or allowance made for any decrease in minimum guaranteed at any time.

2. In addition to menu, we will supply volley ball, shuffleboard, horseshoes and basketball throw.

3. Charge for (2) paddle boats & (1) row boat for the day ________  +  7% NJ sales tax_____

4. Charge for extra tents, tables, chairs, linens etc.  ______________

5. If the Customer herein is a corporation, organization or non-individual (s) who executes this contract on behalf of Customer is individually and personally bound by this contract.

Park Fee/Catering/& Boat Rentals etc. paid 30 days prior to function. Additional head count paid net 10 days.

Catering cost per person __________    Number of people ___________

Catering Total ____________ +  7% NJ sales tax _____

Other Charges __________________ (Boats, Tents, Entertainers, etc.) +  7% NJ sales tax _____

Non refundable booking fee ____________

Park fees of ___________  +  7% NJ sales tax_____

18% Gratuity ______

TOTAL ________________

Authorizing Signature (L.S.S.)_________________________________ Date _________

Authorizing Signature (Company)______________________________ Date _________